Harvesting Gratitude and Hope From our Disappointments.

A few weeks ago, I reconnected with a pottery studio on the other side of town because I had an urge to take up pottery again. The instructor I met there me that he also taught at my local Recreation Center, just down the street from my home. He urged me to enroll for his class there as I would find it much easier to access. After some thought, I decided to take up his suggestion: I tried to register for one of his nearby classes only to find them all already full. What a disappointment. Instead, I signed up for a class with a different instructor. On the first day of her class, I learned that there had been a snafoo in renewing the contract of my preferred instructor and that all his classes had been canceled. A flow of gratitude overcame me for having accepted my feeling of loss at the time of class registration as my “misfortune” now meant that I was still able to re-engage with pottery and its attendant hopes of becoming creative with clay and fire again. What had been an obstruction had opened a new pathway to the desired outcome. Something to think about: if you wish to be creative, don’t necessarily follow reason to conclusions. Here is a link to my related post which contains another example of adversity being the mother of gratification.