I recently listened to a webinar by Dr. Joseph Axe on the therapeutic uses of essential soils.  One recommendation of his was to use Lavender oil for soothing skin irritations, like ecsema, flaky scalp problems.  Since I had been suffering from a flare up of itcy scaly skin on my scalp that had failed to improve with most standard remedies recommended by doctors and others, I decided to give lavender oil mixed into some witch hazel a try.  It has now been three days and I am happy to report that so far, there has been a lot of relief.  Better than applications of hydrocortisone creams, steroid foams, homeopatic salve (psoriflora) and vaseline,.  The itch is way down, the scalp is no longer dry flaky  While it is too soon to tell if this application will allow my condition to sure itself, I am feeling much better and the temptation to scratch away is practically gone.  Two to three very light applications a day to the affected area seems to do the trick.  It also makes me smell like a high class Provencal linen closet. LOL.


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